Sleep Coaching

Tash is now a qualified level 3 baby and child sleep coach. Anyone who knows Tash, knows how much she loves babies and children to get the sleep they need. No-one needs sleep more than little ones- to cope with the day, to grow, to learn, to develop, to concentrate, to enjoy, to heal, to listen and most importantly to be happy.

Her daughter slept 9pm-9am from 4 weeks old and still loves her sleep now. She’s 2 and a half and has been known to sleep 15 hours straight!

And her dear son slept 8-10 hours from 6 weeks old and now sleeps 6.30pm-6am from 8 weeks old. (Both breastfed) This has certainly not happened by luck! After a 4 month sleep regression, he now is sleeping 12-14 hours hours.

Tash offers one-to-one sleep coaching sessions at the convenience of your own home to help you get some much needed sleep.

Need help with a sleep regression?

Night wakings?

No bedtime routine?

Non-existent daytime naps?

45 minute naps a problem?

Tash covers all aspects of sleep, however she specialises in teaching baby’s and children to nap/sleep independently and start/crack good healthy sleeping habits before theres a need for sleep training. Please note ‘cry it out’ is not a technique used for any age.

For more sleep please keep a very detailed sleep/nap/play/eat diary for 3-5 days then get in touch….. or fill in the form below

Sleep consultancy - sleep coach - sleep trainer in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire





Sleep consultant – sleep coach – sleep trainer


“So last night it feels like a miracle has happened- baby has slept through the night, 2 nights in a row! … This hasn’t happened since she hit the 4 month growth spurt! We were doing just fine until at 4 months. She was sleeping through, napping well and even settled in her own room…but went completely off track at 4m and it felt like I had a new born again. 
I contacted Tash in diastraights, I was exhasted and felt like I couldn’t help my baby sleep. I didn’t have the tools to know what she wanted, I thought all this was ment to be instinctive!? Ha! well I didn’t have it so I was willing to learn if it ment I could settle this child- she could rest, I could rest and all would be right with the world again!

Baby at her worst was having 20 min naps in the day and awake every 2 hours at night. With going back to work soon I was desperate for some improvement and I’m so glad I asked for help! Tash understood totally how I was feeling and coached me on every detail of what I was doing with baby- she taught me how to look out for sleep cues and about how her awake time directly effects her sleep. I honestly could go on for pages about all the stuff Tash has taught me. I am so happy that I can understand my babies language and feel 100% confident in what I do. 
Her naps are now minimum an hour, at best 2 hours-3 times a day! Unbelievable but true! She goes to bed at 6pm every night and we have a well established wind-down bath and bedtime routine. She’s been gradually lengthening how long she sleeps at night, waking but then settling herself and finally she’s doing the long stretches 6pm-6am and this morning I HAD TO WAKE HER!! Simply Amazing. All thanks to Tash. Best sleep coach, and an expert of all things baby, she knows all the secrets and tricks of the trade and I feel so well equipt now I could deal with anything baby throws at me! 
Happy Well Rested Mummy!”


(7 month old, Sept 2016)


 “I would like to thank you for all your help. I was one mama on the edge! I’d like to share my story – my new born was crying constantly (he suffers with constipation) and would not be put down so I co slept to get some sleep at night and during the day carried him in a sling so I could look after my toddler. This was fine at first but at 10 weeks I knew I could not go on like this! A friend told me about Tash, Said the massage class may help with his constipation. I could not make the classes because of my toddler so arranged a one on one appointment. Not only did she advise me on a massage that would help with the constipation but a routine to help get him into his Moses for sleep and his chair or play mat during the day. I can not believe how quickly we have seen results. On day three of the routine my little one is sleeping through the night in his Moses (waking only for feeds) and for his naps during the day plus he has been to the toilet with out the aid of laxatives. To sum up we have a much happier little man and a very happy mum. Once again a big thank you from the Fisher family”.

(Sept 2016)